Who we are

30Hills is a web and mobile development company based in Belgrade, Serbia.

We are an experienced, talented team of creatives and engineers who work with latest technologies to be among the first to implement new trends in the Internet and software development industry.

Most of our clients are startups and innovative corporate clients based in EU and USA.

Our most recent work include: Buildcon, funded by 500Startups accelerator in San Francisco and Seedcamp in London, MakerSights, a revolutionary market survey tool for fashion industry, Wine4Me, an app that utilizes AI technology to classify and suggest wines, devised in partnership with IBM Watson team in USA.

Whilst most agencies operate within a strict hierarchy, at 30Hills we don’t. We work as a unified entity where each member makes each project unique.

We are a team of like minded people passionate about the web and mobile technology, but most importantly, delivering results.

Our process


We make sure we understand your ideas before we make them come true. We believe having strategy and plan is a key to success. Plan exists to be changed and improved by our joint teams along the way.


Our designers combine art, research and digital strategy but are primarily dedicated to ultimate user experience (UX). We put emphases on human experience to create the most memorable and beautiful product that will bring the right message and service to your audience.


We offer the right mix of smart, creative backend, frontend and mobile developers who work together to make it simple & beautiful. We relay on Agile with Scrum to be manage development and mitigate risk.


We believe that quality assurance testing (QA) is essential part of product development.


We stay by your side to stimulate growth, implement changes and add improvements.


We live in an era of information and innovation. We help you follow your audience and social trends to stay on the top of the hill.

Our Focus

Work with startups

We use our UX/UI expertise to help startups create engaging product experiences.

Enterprise apps

Enterprise apps need love too! We help Enterprise and B2B companies improve on their existing or new product ideas.

Dedicated teams

We bring together dedicated teams to work with you on new or existing products.

Partner with developers

We help development teams design & build an amazing interface for their product.

Build our own products

Did you know we build our own stuff? Our latest product is Tablla.

Our work

  • Buildcon

    30hills joined efforts with local startup Buildcon to create a cloud-based web and mobile app for construction project management and collaboration.

    Buildcon revolutionize the way engineers and architects organize their work, by making their communication and collaboration instant and always available.

    Funded by 500Startups accelerator in San Francisco and Seedcamp in London, Buildcon was first launched in April, 2016. By the end of the year, around 200 large companies had their accounts.

    Launch project

  • Vive

    Vive is an intelligent booking platform connecting its members with more than 250 premium beauty salons across New York and Chicago. Vive membership allows a user to easily book any kind of beauty treatment in the desired time at a member salon that best suits user’s needs and gets a response within minutes.

    When member requests an appointment, Vive algorithm finds best matches in terms of proximity, salon availability, and past salon ratings.

    Launch project

  • The Rich Register

    Rich Register is the most comprehensive database of wealthiest Americans with detailed information about over 6 thousand individuals. It is used by fundraising professionals, investment advisors, luxury goods marketers, and anyone else who needs to reach the ultra-wealthy to generate leads and improve their business.

    Registered users with purchased plans can access the database via intuitive web based interface. Users can browse the data in detailed list view, search by keyword such as name, state or networth, sort by any parameter, and view full persons profile.

    Launch project

  • EPFL Virtual Tour

    Virtual tour through EPFL's campus gives user a unique first person experience of campus life. User navigates through tour with simple and intuitive scroll interface and can jump to any spot simply by clicking the progress bar.

    Important information about specific place in a tour, such as facts about an member institution, multimedia or social media content is presented right at a location as a popup form or an icon.

    Launch project

  • Fleeter

    Fleeter is a software capable to handle all fleet management needs. It was developed to substitute all other softwares Fleet Partner had used for managing the whole process from acquiring the vehicles and sending inquiries to suppliers to vehicle remarketing.

    - Automatizes the process of creating and sending inquiries to suppliers.
    - Eases and automatizes the process of creating and sending offers with their monthly rate to the clients.
    - Automatizes the process of converting particular offers to contracts.
    - Automatizes vehicles tracking process.

    Launch project

  • Urbathlon

    Urbathlon is a web and mobile platform for creating teamwork events. Companies and can use Urbathlon app for organizing different types of team building activities.

    The Urbathlon dashboard is completely customizable to business requirements. It was developed for Belgrade adventure, Wild Serbia’s brand. Wild Serbia is one of the Serbia’s best providers of adventure activities and outdoor corporate events. Their programmes include kayaking, canyoning, caving, hiking, and many other ways for teams to enjoy the nature in Serbia.

  • FindMeFencing

    FindMeFencing is a unique social network for fencers. It enables fencers to track their own progress, find tournaments, clinics, camps, as well as to connect with each other. In addition, they can book and pay for clinics or camps via app.

    Our client was Tim Morehouse, an Olympic medalist, who certainly knows best what fencers need.

  • Wine4.Me

    Wine4.Me is an app that ranks and suggests wines based on user’s personal preferences.
    It uses AI to make user’s experience even better. Watson’s Natural Language Classifier and Speech to Text APIs enable users ask open questions about the wine they are looking for. One can either tap the button and quickly ask about the wine e.g. for a date, or choose to text it.

    Vinesleuth, our client, is a Houston startup founded by Amy Gross and supported by IBM in bringing cognitive science into wine industry.

    Launch project

  • Tablla

    It is a project planning and management tool we have designed for our own needs in an agile web-development team. Tablla helped us overcome challenges related to managing and visualizing our resources.

    We are happy to share Tablla with you.

    Launch project

  • MakerSights

    MakerSights is a market survey platform for retail industry that enables retail brands to get a fast insight into customers’ preferences.

    Partner brand can access the MakerSights platform using intuitive web interface. Campaigns and surveys are completely customizable, and can consist of series of star scale based questions about certain products, as well as demographic questions such as gender or income. Survey is distributed to customer database via email with personalized URL. Finally, survey data insight is in a form of graphic dashboard.

    Launch project

  • Whisperr

    Whisperr is a dating app based on voice. Users record their audio messages and browse other people’s audio profiles. The idea for this unique dating app came from psychological research that shows people perceive other people better through audio messages than through pictures or videos.

    Therefore, Whisperr is supposed to bring science into dating and help people find their match faster.

    Launch project

  • Meeting Cost Tracker

    An app that helps people schedule and pay for meetings. As soon as the app is downloaded, one can create a meeting room, add participants and their roles, and start the stopwatch. After the meeting is finished, it is easy to pay for the time spent at the meeting.

    Launch project

  • Teentracker

    An app that enables parents to set location boundaries or speed limit for their children. One can draw boundaries at the map or set a speed limit and get notified when their child enters a forbidden area, or drives faster than agreed. It is important that everything is transparent, so the children always see forbidden areas at the map.

    Launch project

  • ATC Aviation Services

    We are developing the ERP system, CRM, and providing sales solutions for the Swiss company ATC Aviation Services.

  • Blue Sky Data Services

    Blue Sky Data Services provides customers with weather data over the Internet. They do not need to buy satellite reception systems, which are very expensive. Their customers are weather services in the USA, as well as national meteorology services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa is an apolitical game, whose intention is to allow everyone to express their wishes and test their beliefs. The simulation is based on real data. The game is focused on action domains within which it is possible to model the effects of actions in the least ambiguous possible way.

    It was however necessary to perform numerous simplifications to create this simulation; the creators of the game hope that none of them introduces a political bias in the game. Do not hesitate to point out contentious points in the forums dedicated to Tabula Rasa on the various channels of the RTS.

    Launch project

  • Jericho

    If you like solving tough challenges, competing with your friends or you just need that something extra to spice up your day, try Jericho. Receive three new challenges every day and try to solve them. Make your own challenges and dare your friends. Browse through the list of world's weirdest, funniest and most creative solutions. Collect points, badges and votes and be the best among your friends. Prove to yourself and to the world that you have what it takes to be part of ever-growing Jericho community.

    Launch project

  • Widegab

    Social Media Analytics for your brand's social presence. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by analyzing the volume, influence and sentiment of customer responses across multiple social media channels. You can go deeper into conversations and understand drivers of positive and negative sentiments.

    Launch project

  • KitnipBox

    KitNipBox is a cat's best friend! Each month, our team scours the world for the most amazing cat toys, treats, accessories, and other goodies. KitNipBox's CMO (Chief Meow Officer), Sylvester, the black cat, and his team of kitty product connoisseurs personally try the items to ensure their absolute purr-fection for kitties everywhere. KitNipBox then creates a box of unique items and ship it to your cat. Purrs all around!

    Launch project

  • Supreme Tracks

    Team up with us ONLINE and benefit from having world-class session musicians and recording professionals on your tracks! Your projects will be recorded and produced in our PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO, guaranteeing you final products that meet industry standards for sound treatment, recording equipment, musicianship and engineering!

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Our tech stack


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • React


  • Node.js
  • Python
  • PHP


  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Ionic
  • NativeScript
  • React Native

Web services

  • AWS
  • DigitalOcean
  • Compose
  • Mandrill
  • SandGrid
  • MailChimp


  • Firebase
  • Social APIs
  • NewRelic
  • Stripe
  • BrainTree
  • PayPal

We use Agile methodology

The client is more in control and can easily influence the end result. Agile method increases the chances of the project meeting client's expectations since any potential issues related to the project are detected at the very early stage.

Let's dance

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