We are a Digital Product Studio

We work as a unified entity where each member makes each project unique. We are a team of like minded people passionate about the product, web and mobile technology, but most importantly - delivering results.

Our interdisciplinary team consist of product developers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, mathematicians, cognitive scientists and linguists. We are educated at universities around the globe (New York, Vienna, Granada, Milan, Belgrade).

However, team spirit and personal engagement is what we value most. Therefore, our team members are not only nerds, but people who run marathons, dance, play basketball and participate in the Olympic games.

Our Process


We make sure we understand your ideas before we make them come true. We believe having strategy and plan is a key to success. Plan exists to be changed and improved by our joint teams.


Our designers combine art, research and digital strategy but are primarily dedicated to ultimate user experience (UX). We put emphases on human experience to create the most memorable and beautiful product.


We offer the right mix of smart, creative backend, frontend and mobile developers who work together to make it simple & beautiful. We relay on Agile with Scrum to manage development and mitigate risk.


We believe that quality assurance testing (QA) is essential part of product development. This is why we constantly test and make improvements.


We stay by your side to stimulate growth, implement changes and add improvements.


We live in an era of information and innovation. We help you follow your audience and social trends to stay on the top of the hill.

Our Focus

Work with startups

We use our UX/UI expertise to help startups create engaging product experiences.

Enterprise apps

We help Enterprise and B2B services improve on their existing or new product ideas.

Dedicated teams

We bring together dedicated teams to work with you on new or existing products.

Partner with developers

We help development teams design & build an amazing interface for their product.

Build our own products

Did you know we build our own stuff? Our latest product is Boostowski.


We use Scrum to manage work, break projects into smaller stages, rapidly respond to change and deliver early.


Urbathlon is a platform for creating teamwork events. It enable users to create and complete challenges composed of various tasks.

Our Tech Stack