Demand Forecasting for Modern Retail


Client Overview:

MakerSights is revolutionizing brand-customer relationships in the retail industry. As a market survey platform, MakerSights swiftly provides brands with crucial insights into customer preferences. These insights guide product development and marketing strategies, ensuring that brands create products customers don't just like, but love.

Challenges Faced:

If you happen to have your own brand, you would certainly like to know what your customers think about your products, what would they buy and how much money they would give for your product. Doing such a thorough research, however, can be overwhelming, expensive and exhausting. This is why our clients wanted us to make an easy-to-use application that creates a real bond between brands and their customers.

Brands who know their customers have chances to increase their brand awareness and of course - sales.


Solutions Provided by 30Hills:

After making efforts to understand deeply our client’s needs, we set up our objectives. Here are the things we wanted our application to do:

  • Strengthen the relationship between brands and customers.
  • Get insight into customers’ opinions fast.
  • Save time and money.
  • Engaging customers in the process of creation.

Our focus was on creating completely customized campaigns. Each brand has the ability to customize their own campaign, so the surveys brands create and share to their customers are completely unique to each brand. An intuitive and user-friendly survey is distributed to customer database via email with personalized URL. It contains a series of 5-star scale based questions about presented products and other questions such as gender or income.

Implementation Process:

With the features we have come up with, it was easy to:

  • Get data about customer segmentation: MakerSights enables you to get an insight into who your customers are. You can easily obtain data about their income, age, gender, their geolocation.
  • Test products: Add products effortlessly with all the necessary attributes you want to test. Test how the overall style, print, fabric or color influence customer’s intention to buy your product.
  • Test price: Enter test prices and explore customers’ reactions. Form real prices in accordance with the data obtained with your surveys.
  • Test new product categories: It is easy to test new product categories with your custom made surveys. Useful feature that enables brands determine whether they should launch their new product or not.
  • See reports: Automated creation of reports based on the survey you have made. Survey data insight is provided in the form of graphic dashboard. You have options to share these results whoever you wish, or export in the .CSV format. Forecasting customers’ demands has never been easier.

The technologies used for the back office include:

  • Backend: Node.js
  • Frontend (Web): Angular
  • Express for the application layer
  • MongoDB for data storage.

Results Achieved:

Currently, more than 50 prestigious brands take advantage of MakerSights. They report 95% correlation between the results they get through MakerSights and the actual sales. Moreover, they report 4 times increased new product conversion rates because of better targeting.