Revolutionizing Banim's Manufacturing Operations with Boblak


Client Overview:

Banim is a manufacturing company dedicated to delivering high-quality retail solutions for its partners in the FMCG industry. With a focus on efficiency, versatility, and creativity, Banim aims to exceed its partners' expectations consistently. As a One-Stop-Shop, Banim offers comprehensive services to enhance in-store presence, maximize brand awareness, visibility, and customer interaction at every Point of Sale, both inside and outside retail spaces.

Client Needs:

Banim was facing challenges in efficiency, communication, and production monitoring. These included sluggish information exchange via Excel and email, insufficient visibility into planning and work order tracking, and a lack of clarity on production progress and product delivery payments.


Solutions Provided by 30Hills:

In collaboration with their team, we developed Boblak. It is an ERP solution tailored to fully digitize Banim's operations. This internal application streamlines and orchestrates the entire production process. Boblak is organized into modules that support the entire work order lifecycle, covering sales quotes, planning, production, warehouse management, delivery, administration, and reporting.

Implementation Process:

Boblak is designed to intuitively guide work orders through each step of the production process. Core modules include:

  • Sales: The sales team creates offers that, upon client acceptance, are transferred to the planning module.
  • Planning: Accepted offers are processed and prepared before transitioning to the production phase.
  • Production: A sophisticated work order approval system guides the order through production until completion and transition to the delivery phase.
  • Warehouse: Tracks the status of completed work orders ready for delivery.
  • Administration: Enables management of all processes within the system.
  • Statistics and Reports: Provides analytics and reports on every segment of the production process.

Boblak is designed to intuitively guide work orders through each production stage. Virtually all employees at Banim use Boblak according to their responsibilities, with approximately 100 user accounts across production, organization, planning, finance, procurement, and management sectors. The development of Boblak commenced via the 30Hills Product Development process, identifying key challenges and potential solutions. The initial phase involved creating an agile MVP covering Production, Warehouse, and Administration modules. After its production launch, further development aligned with a roadmap in accordance with Banim's management. The technologies utilized encompassed Node.js for backend and a Postgresql database to accommodate the company's intricate needs. The frontend of the application was built using Angular.js, providing stability and functionality.


Results Achieved:

The quantitative outcomes were impressive: "Two years after the full application launch, turnover increased from 2 to 5 million euros without increasing staff in sales, production organization, procurement, and finance." - Boban Đurović, co-owner of Banim.


The implementation of Boblak significantly boosted Banim's growth, reduced costs, and streamlined processes, confirming the value of digital transformation in business. Post-launch, it became an integral part of Banim's daily operations, enhancing processes and providing a comprehensive view of the production pipeline. This collaboration represents a successful implementation of digitalization, bringing significant benefits to the company.