MOOVE Together App


Client Overview:

Moove is a platform that allows people to compete against others either individually or with a team through their fitness, mindfulness & well-being.

Client Needs:

The initial challenge that MOOVE aimed to address through the development of the MOOVE Together app was the recognized desire among individuals involved in sports and athletic activities to engage in friendly competition and compare their achievements with friends and acquaintances. The MOOVE app aimed to connect users, enabling them to compete against each other, record their results and progress, thereby motivating themselves and their competitors to strive for improvement every day. Ultimately, the goal of the MOOVE team was to encourage people to participate in sports, thereby improving their health, while simultaneously enjoying themselves through the activation of their competitive spirit.


Solutions Provided by 30Hills:

As a key collaborator with Moove, 30Hills played a pivotal role in the development of Moove Together app, an initiative tailored to meet the competitive and skill-improvement needs of athletes. Our partnership aimed to bring to life an app that not only allowed users to compete and track progress but also fostered a sense of community.

Key Goals:

  • To Connect Through Competing: Bring sports enthusiasts together on a digital platform where they can engage in friendly competition regardless of physical proximity.
  • Progress Tracking: Provide a tool for users to track and compare their sports and fitness activities. Create a dynamic environment for tracking personal progress.
  • Motivate and Encourage: Cultivate a culture of motivation where users inspire each other to reach new heights in their fitness endeavors.
  • Health and Fun: Communicate the importance of an active lifestyle. Make sports and fitness not just a routine but a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

Implementation Process:

After each physical activity, competitors on a team enter their results into the app using predefined activity options. Points are awarded based on factors such as kilometers traveled, elevation gain, repetitions, and exercise duration. The goal is to accumulate points through weekly matchups and strive to become the winner of the Public league at the end. The app also incentivizes healthy habits by awarding additional points for abstaining from junk food, alcohol consumption, and ensuring sufficient water intake. Trust is essential, relying on users to input accurate and real data for both exercise and lifestyle choices.

Private leagues follow the same logic as Public leagues but remain private and are not visible to other app users. They cater to business users seeking to organize competitions for their employees. Competitors in private leagues can log their activity results through various options, earning scores based on metrics like kilometers traveled, elevation gain, and exercise duration.

30Hills utilized agile development methods in creating the Moove Together app, with a focus on clearly defining the design and business logic. The backend was written in Node.js, using a MongoDB database, while the user interface was developed in React Native, compatible with both iOS and Android. The admin section of the app was written in Web React. The development process began with a robust product development phase, translating ideas into design, business logic, and documentation. Agile software development methodologies were then implemented to ensure flexibility and responsiveness to evolving requirements.

The Moove Together MVP underwent testing with a group of 50 users during the test phase, with daily feedback collection. The 30Hills and Moove teams collaborated to analyze the feedback, address bugs, and implement improvements. The original Moove concept used Google Sheets, but the implementation of MOOVE Together has been a hit with users. Features like commenting on opponents' activities and results add interactivity, competitiveness, and an extra layer of fun.


Results Achieved:

Moove Together has taken the Moove concept to the next level, providing users with a serious sports competition. The app has motivated existing users and attracted new ones, creating a healthy and supportive sports community. The next phase of development includes integration with smart/fitness devices and health apps, expanding tracking capabilities, and improving the user experience.

“Thanks to 30Hills' efforts, the app has grown from a few hundred to around 2,000 users, with plans to double that number in the first quarter of 2024. They make sure that the product brings a higher value and has an impact on users”. - Bryan Severance, Co-Founder @Moove Together


MOOVE Together successfully transformed the fitness engagement landscape, creating a dynamic community that not only promotes healthy lifestyles but also encourages friendly competition and continuous self-improvement. In collaboration with the Moove team, 30Hills has successfully supported the development of the MOOVE Together app, achieving the goal of creating a motivating sports community through an innovative and fun platform.